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The "Home Study"

Part of the Adoption/Fostering process is a procedure called a "home study." Yes, it will check aspects of your physical house such basic home safety (fire detectors, medicines locked away, outlets covered, etc.) but also will include other aspects of your home-life that will affect the child's well being. The home study's check list might include your knowing basic first aid training or even CPR.

It will also ask that you be able to provide specific paperwork. Of course they will want to see any proof of insurance (home, health, auto, life). They will need to see such paperwork as birth certificates of all home residents and pet vaccination records. They will also need to see such clearance paperwork such as a Criminal background check, sex offender clearance, and child abuse records.

Knowing all this information will help the state ensure the best long term safety for both child and his or her soon-to-be family.

Because the exact information they require during the home study is ever changing, a professional like Bill will be able to assist you in your preparation. Call him or a member of his staff, at (865) 694-6155 or e-mail us at  for more information.


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